Nov 20, 2011

Photos with Brutally Beautiful

Hello! Here are some photos from a shoot I did with Brutally Beautiful photography.
It was a wonderful collaborative creative project with lots of talented ladies.  I styled the models too which is how I justify my excessive wardrobe sometimes.
 The photos were published in Dark Beauty Magazine's August/September edition which you can buy here! I bought two. This issue also has a 6-page feature on my artwork!
 Check out Brutally Beautiful's website where you can see the rest of the photos from this set!
They also gots the Facebook

Cards for Shwa

I designed these business cards for the handsome and talented Shwa Keirstead, check out his art things!

Nov 12, 2011

3 more pages

Continuing on my last post, here are three more images that will be part of the project/book/thing. My scanner is a tiny bit smaller than the drawings and they're not all cleaned up or anything, but I'm just trying to churn them out as quickly as possible D:
It's been raining a lot so I've been hunched over my desk with tea and drawing so I won't have to go anywhere.
Hope you like them!

more in heeere