Jun 3, 2011

Mo Sketchees & comix

Well here are some more. So you see, not all of my art and collaborations are great.
As always, click for bigger and read on for more
One of those fold the piece of paper and someone writes a sentence, the next person illustrates it, the next person describes the picture, and so on things. Once for an Illustration class we made these together all day and it was the best class ever.

collage for a class assignment

repeating pattern for a class assignment. Drawn with pencil & Copic marker, photocopied, taped together, and photocopied.

For one of my classes we had to make an autobiographical comic in a couple of hours. I mailed a copy to my mom and she laughed so hard she cried. That is sweet validation. True story bro

The final panel of one of those folded collaborative comic thingies. It was the best one.

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  1. I expect bandannas of that skull print! O: