Jun 19, 2011

We survived!

This is the back of The FALL the next afternoon
I'm sure you all heard about the terrible party some hooligans had all over our downtown in Vancouver last week after the Canucks lost the hockey game.. Watching the live news footage online I was horrified to see that most of the destruction and madness was happening right around, in front of, and above The FALL, the shop that I work at. Surrounded by 4 burning cars, a parkade on fire, and The Bay being smashed up and looted across the street it didn't look too promising for the shop, but some of artists and staff at The FALL stayed behind to guard the shop. You don't wanna mess with those guys. The shop is fine despite some broken windows in the back, not to shabby considering there was a burning hummer right in front of the back door. I'm so elated that we survived relatively unscathed. AND WE'RE STILL HAVING A SALE UNTIL THE END OF JUNE WOOO

Jun 10, 2011

The House Book

Not only is this art to share but it is legitimate storytime. Probably one of the weirdest coincidences I have experienced centers around this awesome burned-down house by my place in East Van/Mt. Pleasant and a 'book' I made about it.
 When I first moved here the house was kind of sketch but it was really lovely and decrepit and I liked it, I walked by it every day and tried to imagine who lived there. One night there was a fire and after that it was seemingly abandoned, with tarps eventually placed over the roof. Graffiti and local character soon overtook the house and I loved it even more, people put paintings of eyes in a mouth in the windows and the house was almost its own entity. The face got stolen or removed but it was replaced a few times before whoever it was eventually gave up. I imagine that is was probably not too safe to explore the upper floor after it had been decaying and burned-out for over a year.

Jun 8, 2011

The Hand Book

 One of the things I'm doing at art school is bookbinding. I love books. I love them. I like to read 'em, make them, illustrate them, and collect beautiful old books, especially late 1800's natural Science books.

 For my final project last fall semester I made these four books. My instructor didn't appreciate my creative approach to making a book for my first project so I just tried to focus on making really nice books for this one. I made illustrations and took photographs of the hands of artists and creative people I knew, along with their age, name, and what they did. I got an okay grade and most of the books turned out nicely, 2 are good enough to sell if anyone is interested.
 My favourite part was using the hot foil stamp letterpress, an archaic contraption that is exactly what is sounds like and was used for the cover lettering. The only thing I didn't do myself was the digital printing. 

Keep reading for more images and some of the book content!

Jun 5, 2011

Sale at The FALL!

 This is only sweet news for Vancouver folks as The Fall's Wearable Arts aren't available online yet (it is in the works) but The Fall Tattooing and Artist Gallery is having an excellent sale for the entire month of June, including tons of shirts and merch featuring my artwork and the work of the other awesome artists here. SO CHEAPS

Like I pretty much spent my whole next paycheque at work already because of this sale.

Jun 3, 2011

Mo Sketchees & comix

Well here are some more. So you see, not all of my art and collaborations are great.
As always, click for bigger and read on for more
One of those fold the piece of paper and someone writes a sentence, the next person illustrates it, the next person describes the picture, and so on things. Once for an Illustration class we made these together all day and it was the best class ever.

Jun 2, 2011


 Hey! I was cleaning my desk a little the other day and I unearthed some good little comics and drawings that were pretty excellent.
You don't get them all at once... they're too good.
Sailor Cat

Jun 1, 2011

Crowns and more

 Recently I added a few crown designs to the shop with several different options. These ones are the most reasonably priced, but if you would like something custom or more elaborate I'm taking commissions again. Please message me with the contact form on my store and provide a description of what you're looking for and reference images if possible so I can give you an estimate. They usually range from $30-90 CAD but it really just depends on what you want, I love elaborate custom creations.

I'm working on making different types of hats right now but haven't quite perfected my processes yet... I'll keep you updated of course!

I tried to scrounge together as many pictures of crowns I have made (all sold, sorry) to give you an idea of what kinds of things are possible. I can usually find the little bits and pieces I need to make original designs and replicas. Here are most of the crowns I have made so far, most of them are commissions and some were made to sell at Deadly Couture. 
white vinyl
custom painted leather and rose w/ velvet bow