Jun 19, 2013


here is a picture of my cat.

 Oh, my goodness! It's been so long! I'm sorry.
 I got really bad at doing everything else while I was busy finishing school, but now I graduated for real!
 So hopefully I can post here more often.
 Right now I'm busy working on finishing old projects and starting new ones. I just got an awesome new computer than can do anything and I'm working on figuring it out. I'm also working on making my bike look awesome and then putting it back together. And I'm going to make SO MUCH ART!

I spent most of the evening making new handlebar grips for my bike out of leather and buttons. My hands hurt now but they turned out pretty alright!

Jan 13, 2013


Here is something I finished recently but haven't varnished yet! It's acrylic on a 6x8x1.5" wood cradled panel. It was a project I did for a class I was taking last semester called 'Black Holes and Other Transformations of Energy'...
Art school!