May 29, 2011

Red Lipstick Project

Here are some photos I did with Euvie I [embryonic wings] for a project she is working on! Check out the link for more pics from the Red Lipstick Project.

My snake friend is Huxley, my roommate's rat snake.
It is true, I am an alien.

May 28, 2011


Hey! I would just like to do a small amount of internet whoring here and ask you to vote for me here: I was nominated as one of the best artists in Vancouver for this contest and I would super happy if you took a second to vote for me! 2 clicks! Go to ARTS and then Fine Arts. Thanks! Ok! I'm done!
I'm more popular than Ken Lum

Here's a painting!

Art Supplies

 Blogger kind of sketched out on me for a few days. Sorry ladies and gents.
 I'll make up for it with TONS OF SWEET POSTS.

Beginning with something often requested, the materials I use to make my art! I have more art supplies than I probably should but I really only use these few things most of the time. Next time you are skulking around your favourite art supply haunt keep your eye out for these things and give some a try!

click on it for a slightly bigger image

May 21, 2011

Glorywhore EP

  My friends Glorywhore are releasing their EP Love Letter Bomb next month on June 25th! I did the cover artwork featuring the lovely Maiwan Suicide. Please do check out their music and if you dig it you can buy the EP now as well as all kinds of merch with my drawin's on it soon. I'll keep ya updated. I want a t-shirt.

May 19, 2011


 Last fall semester for my final Illustration project I made this series of 4 posters of some exceptionally awesome friends because most of the people I know are so amazing and talented they deserve their own posters, and if I could I would make one for everybody. My main focus here was just a few people with great style/significant visible body modifications/exceptional skillz and designing a poster that represents them as best I can. They are all ink on rag paper... as usualll.
And I got a pretty good grade!

M. Justice Stefaniuk -

May 14, 2011

Photo Shoot with David Denofreo

Last month I did a photo shoot with photographer David Denofreo to model an amazingly badass outfit made by these talented ladies named Karl and Katie.  It's made of recycled leather, chain mail, and various animal bones (found in the forest). Karl is also a hair wizard and sculpted the epic nest on my head.
 It was a crazy couple of days assembling the outfit and doing the shoot all in my tiny loft. Everyone really collaborated on this shoot and the results are awesome, I've never looked so fierce!

come on in here for more photos

May 11, 2011

New Art

   I spent the past weekend doing some drawings because I was sick and useless. They are both done in ink on 11x15" rag paper. Feels nice to do some art again, I have been working so much in other mediums lately I was worried I would forget how to draw. It could happen.

Click on the images to view them at their glorious full resolution. 
The Nest of a Ghost

Sleeping Through the Mountains at Night

Grounded TV feature for The Fall

“The FALL is a multifaceted art orientated business that promotes artists and their works by developing a diverse residency of new forms, alternative, and multimedia artists and fostering interactions among those artists and commercial markets in a peer-based, community setting. We work with artists to position mixed media, new forms, cutting-edge and alternative art as a vibrant part of the Canadian cultural consciousness. The goal… to make local art available and affordable to all demographics.”


The Fall recently launched their Wearable Arts line, featuring artwork by local artists and designers printed in-house on t-shirts, coasters, affordable art plaques, magnets, and all sorts of things. This is the place you will find a variety of cheap art prints of my work! In addition to the custom-printed steez The Fall also has expanded into a store filled with the most unique and awesome locally designed and handmade clothing, accessories, and more. If you are in or around Vancouver, I implore you to check eet outtt. All this stuff will soon be available online too.
 Our friends at Grounded TV put together this excellent video featuring myself, Shwa, and Phresha, featuring sweet tunes by Taal Mala. Please check it out and check out Grounded TV.

Finally a blog!

 After months, nay, years of procrastination and anticipation I finally launched my online store and now my blog! Here I will post things like new art, style and craft photos and tutorials, modeling and art-related stuff, my adventures, things I like... and maaaybe cute pictures of my pets. This blog will hopefully become my internet home so I can move further away from DeviantArt and other various sites and focus on my artist blog and store, as well as my Facebook page. Please let me know what you like and what you want to see!
I'm pretty excited to get all this stuff going. I've been super busy and sick for most of this year so far, but I'm on the mend and I'm making and drawing more and more. This summer I am not doing any school, just working at The Fall and currently doing freelance makeup and styling to feed myself. This summer I'm going to work as hard as I can to do as much as possible, making things and having epic adventures and not being sick.
 Please follow me and check back often! This blog is my new baby and I am going to update it I WILL I WILL I PROMISE.

Much love,