Oct 30, 2011

Farewell Project

This year I'm in my fourth year at Emily Carr, which means I can work on a grad project. Right now I'm finally starting to produce finished images for my project, which will be some kind of hardbound book containing a narrative of images. I'm not too caught up in what exactly the finished product will be but I've been working on a story and doing lots of sketchies and hopefully the end result will be neat.
 I hope you like these first 2 pages, I won't describe the story too much right now but this will probably be at the beginning.
 I have lots of drawing to do! I hope it can be 10-20 pages long. :s

Oct 8, 2011

Photos by Nina Pak

Keep reading for more photos~
Here are some photos from a shoot I did recently with photographer Nina Pak and stylist/designer/superhero Dani Barnes! Nina did an amazing job on the photos and our hair, and she fed us delicious vegan food the entire time.
 Dani and I did each others makeup and I am wearing my own chainmail/studded bustier and jewelry that I made along with some of Dani's designs. I was given the chainmail part attached to a bustier that I took apart and reconstructed with a belt and a bra. AND THEN I COVERED IT IN LEATHER AND SPIKES
To see the rest of the photos check out Nina's Facebook page