Oct 8, 2011

Photos by Nina Pak

Keep reading for more photos~
Here are some photos from a shoot I did recently with photographer Nina Pak and stylist/designer/superhero Dani Barnes! Nina did an amazing job on the photos and our hair, and she fed us delicious vegan food the entire time.
 Dani and I did each others makeup and I am wearing my own chainmail/studded bustier and jewelry that I made along with some of Dani's designs. I was given the chainmail part attached to a bustier that I took apart and reconstructed with a belt and a bra. AND THEN I COVERED IT IN LEATHER AND SPIKES
To see the rest of the photos check out Nina's Facebook page

white hair mascara from shoppers for $.99 was my best halloween purchase

TL;DR I'm hopelessly goth

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  1. The shoot is truly amazing,I love how you look with that make-up <3