Dec 17, 2012

It's been too long

 Hey everyone!
  I'm sorry for the long absence. I've been super busy but not really with making art. But I'm starting to work on that again now! I hope I didn't forget how.
  I got a real job and it's really great, I work at Opus in downtown Vancouver which is an awesome art supply store where I have always shopped and gotten my prints made! I also do custom framing and digital printing there too, so now all of my prints are printed by me too... cool?
 It's a lot like working in a candy store. Now I have a lot of paint and I need to DO SOMETHING WITH IT
 I also have been working on finishing my BFA at Emily Carr (ALMOST DONE) and got a new kitten and a gentleman friend that occupy a lot of my time. They are both adorable and sweet. I got a magic cat that nobody is allergic to and she keeps the mice away AT LAST. Winter in an attic is a lot better with a kitty instead of mice.
 I will try to post more because I have so many things. For now I have to survive the holidays.


  1. Looking to seeing more of your work! You're incredibly talented and I would love to buy a print :)

  2. Same! You are amazing!

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