Jul 27, 2011


Hello there!
Recently I made myself a little backpack so I could go on small adventures and carry my stuff around while I am dancing in the forest.
 I couldn't find one I liked that I could afford or obtain, and I figured I could sew a fancy rectangle. It turned out better than expected!
 Here are some pictures.

It's made of canvas and recycled leather.


the straps are made from the waistband of a leather jacket
I'm glad I don't have to pay myself
I want to make more things with these dragon scales!

Thanks for lookin'.
I am off to Basscoast this weekend after I finish getting stuff ready for the Illuminares Lantern Festival this Saturday! Aaah!


  1. Do you think you could make more bags using the dragon scale look to sell on the blog store?
    This is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. I loves it! there has got to be a way to do the dragon scale faster.. its fuckin epic.