Aug 4, 2011

Bass Coast

Hello! I had a magical time at Bass Coast with my BFF Lucas thanks to this drawing I did for the festival! Because Bass Coast is an amazing project and it is run by wonderful ladies, including The Librarian who is probably my favourite DJ in Vancouver/everywhere.
I was super excited to see my artwork on merch including shirts and water bottles as well as on signage! I got a fancy VIP wristband which was nice because gold matched my steez a lot better than the blue and green wristbands.
Here are some mediocre photos from my phone!
Shwa's alter/art installation


the fog was really nice until it started pouring and rained all night

The river rose A LOT the night it rained!

I heard this was stolen from a cat show
For some way better photos from the festival check out my friend Syd's shots on his Grounded TV site.
There are a couple of me in there but I didn't want to post them here

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  1. THIS FESTIVAL LOOKS AMAZING. So many pretties!
    I wish they had something like this in Australia >_>