Aug 18, 2011

My job is fun

 Alison Woodward and I  just finished re-making one of the awesomest things I've worked on this summer. I don't have a lot of time to make stuff for myself in the summer because I have an awesome real-life job where I make fun things for Public Dreams Society. We made a giant Jenga and Twister game under the direction of crafty mastermind Alison Therriault to be rented out and sent to various festivals and events. They were awesome but the materials we used didn't hold up to the abuse so we had to repair and eventually re-do them completely. I had to throw the Twister away but I'm going to be making a new one soon I guess!
 We just finished the Jenga today though and it turned out awesome, we tried it out and took some photos and I think I need to get my stilts on to play it next time.
My roommate <3

This was the Jenga before at a Canada Day event. It was covered with a thin plastic material that got mauled by children but worked well for a day

Giant Twister!

The spinner broke but this guy was making it work and they were having lots of fun! I love to see things I make have fun out in the wild.

We covered the foam blocks with outdoorsy-type fabrics

this is my castle

You can rent this shit for $200.
I recommend wearing stilts if you play!
My job is awesome. Next project is Parade of Lost Souls, my favourite Halloweentime event! My specialty is spookiness


  1. Giant games,that's awesome! Seems a funny work!

  2. What about the Zombie walk tomorrow?!

  3. I totally want to play giant Jenga! That looks like so much fun :)

  4. What type of foam did you use? This is so freaking cool!!