Jun 8, 2011

The Hand Book

 One of the things I'm doing at art school is bookbinding. I love books. I love them. I like to read 'em, make them, illustrate them, and collect beautiful old books, especially late 1800's natural Science books.

 For my final project last fall semester I made these four books. My instructor didn't appreciate my creative approach to making a book for my first project so I just tried to focus on making really nice books for this one. I made illustrations and took photographs of the hands of artists and creative people I knew, along with their age, name, and what they did. I got an okay grade and most of the books turned out nicely, 2 are good enough to sell if anyone is interested.
 My favourite part was using the hot foil stamp letterpress, an archaic contraption that is exactly what is sounds like and was used for the cover lettering. The only thing I didn't do myself was the digital printing. 

Keep reading for more images and some of the book content!
some inside illustrations

the endpapers

hey! It's everyone's pal Black Bile

Hope you liked it. I have more of my books to post if that is the case!


  1. I don't have much money but if you want I'd love to do an art trade off for one.

  2. these are gorgeous, me and my partner adoooore books too, we collect too many :) they look so beautifully bound and i especially adore your third hand illustration, all the different muted tones and textures, i really love the colour mix with the turquoise, makes those parts of the picture pop and adds to the flow of the design, really beautiful x