Jun 1, 2011

Crowns and more

 Recently I added a few crown designs to the shop with several different options. These ones are the most reasonably priced, but if you would like something custom or more elaborate I'm taking commissions again. Please message me with the contact form on my store and provide a description of what you're looking for and reference images if possible so I can give you an estimate. They usually range from $30-90 CAD but it really just depends on what you want, I love elaborate custom creations.

I'm working on making different types of hats right now but haven't quite perfected my processes yet... I'll keep you updated of course!

I tried to scrounge together as many pictures of crowns I have made (all sold, sorry) to give you an idea of what kinds of things are possible. I can usually find the little bits and pieces I need to make original designs and replicas. Here are most of the crowns I have made so far, most of them are commissions and some were made to sell at Deadly Couture. 
white vinyl
custom painted leather and rose w/ velvet bow

eye patches

my first crown, commissioned by RazorCandi

Miniature crowns!


  1. These are all beautiful! I want to wear the spike one everyday of my life

  2. Thanks! That spike one was quite something to make and it could probably be used as a weapon

  3. I want them all! Ugh I need money! Also it's so cool Razorcandi commissioned you!

  4. Hello, I own one of your beautiful crowns. I wore it to my high school prom and many occasions. unfortunately my old roommate deconstructed it :C I did love it though and the craftsmanship was perfection :D