Jun 19, 2011

We survived!

This is the back of The FALL the next afternoon
I'm sure you all heard about the terrible party some hooligans had all over our downtown in Vancouver last week after the Canucks lost the hockey game.. Watching the live news footage online I was horrified to see that most of the destruction and madness was happening right around, in front of, and above The FALL, the shop that I work at. Surrounded by 4 burning cars, a parkade on fire, and The Bay being smashed up and looted across the street it didn't look too promising for the shop, but some of artists and staff at The FALL stayed behind to guard the shop. You don't wanna mess with those guys. The shop is fine despite some broken windows in the back, not to shabby considering there was a burning hummer right in front of the back door. I'm so elated that we survived relatively unscathed. AND WE'RE STILL HAVING A SALE UNTIL THE END OF JUNE WOOO

yup it was pretty crazy
So basically, I'm kind of disturbed by how oblivious, entitled, reckless, repressed, and retarded my generation is. This whole thing just reveals some pretty scary realities and social problems. I hope that everyone who participated in the riots gets what they deserve, karma is a bitch when you are.
 Also, I'm really impressed with how well this city cleaned up. All of the clean-up volunteers helped to restore my faith in humanity a little bit.
But don't get me wrong, I don't wanna live on this planet anymore. We're going back to space as soon as we're ready.
Some of the prints available at The FALL and soon online

Custom prints of pretty much anything are available! Everything is printed at the shop.

One of the sublimation printed t-shirts. They will never fade and are $10 until the end of the month!

These things will all be available online very soon

This one is really nice... I think my co-worker bought it

A more subtle print on these breezy steezy tanks

These faded ones are some of my faves

So yup, stuff's gonna be available online soon and for now it's all on sale at The FALL.
 We also do custom sublimation printing on a range of items so bring in your own designs or get exactly the shirt you want!


  1. Damn, good thing your shop wasn't damaged. Burning hummer, WHAT!!

    And all the merch looks amazing! I've been a fan of your art for a while now, and it's so nice to see your work on so many things!

  2. I want like all those shirts! Btw I'm so glad you're okay.