May 28, 2011


Hey! I would just like to do a small amount of internet whoring here and ask you to vote for me here: I was nominated as one of the best artists in Vancouver for this contest and I would super happy if you took a second to vote for me! 2 clicks! Go to ARTS and then Fine Arts. Thanks! Ok! I'm done!
I'm more popular than Ken Lum

Here's a painting!

I've been working on it off and on for months, I can never decide when it's done. I should have left it alone a while ago, what do you think? Finished? Almost finished?
Ya like it?
AND it matches my hair right now!

vote for me.


  1. I voted! I hope you win! That painting is incredible! Your art is a lot like Camille Rose Garcia's. Also your hair is pretty bangin'.

  2. I voted!!

    And I love the new painting!
    I've been following your work on Deviantart for a while now (probably since high school x_x), and it's really cool to see it evolve over time!
    That being said, I feel like you could do more to it to make it even more O_O!!

  3. Omfg unicorn hair!

    The composition of the painting feels very slightly awkward, I think? Maybe stick something dark in the top left corner, that might balance it out a bit. But honestly it's great as is <3 Love her sunken cheeks.

  4. I voted too. Hope you win ^_^ I think that if you added a tinsy bit more black, perhaps in outline/shading/ throughout the lavendar section, it might tie the two sides together. It's absolutely gorgeous though!!