May 19, 2011


 Last fall semester for my final Illustration project I made this series of 4 posters of some exceptionally awesome friends because most of the people I know are so amazing and talented they deserve their own posters, and if I could I would make one for everybody. My main focus here was just a few people with great style/significant visible body modifications/exceptional skillz and designing a poster that represents them as best I can. They are all ink on rag paper... as usualll.
And I got a pretty good grade!

M. Justice Stefaniuk -


Russ Foxx -

Shwa Keirstead -

 Justice is a crazy talented Illustrator and makes excellent spooky comics and drawings. He was also in my Illustration class so he was reeeeallyyy happy to see this the morning of our critique after nobody had slept the night before! I think the overall composition of this one turned out best because I drew it in one 6 or 8 hour sitting the night before it was due and finished at like 6am. Time management.

Justinne is a super gorgeous and lovely friend who I met forever ago because we had deathhawks and the same birthday.

Russ Foxx is a body piercer and modification artist at The Fall Tattooing, where I work. I gave him permission to do whatever with this image so you can buy it on T-shirts from his website and if you see him perform live as The Human Tacklebox, I also painted the banner for his show!

Shwa is the world's handsomest tattoo artist and Illustrator and also works at The Fall. You can also go like his Facebook page.


  1. Thanks! I think it's some of the best work I did last year

  2. Love the little details. I rather like Justinne's one, and Shwa Keirstead's "world's largest head?". Will you make any prints of any of these?

  3. Yeah I really love it! I really love all your mods by the way.

  4. love your ink works! gonna stalk you here >.>