May 28, 2011

Art Supplies

 Blogger kind of sketched out on me for a few days. Sorry ladies and gents.
 I'll make up for it with TONS OF SWEET POSTS.

Beginning with something often requested, the materials I use to make my art! I have more art supplies than I probably should but I really only use these few things most of the time. Next time you are skulking around your favourite art supply haunt keep your eye out for these things and give some a try!

click on it for a slightly bigger image

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about these materials or other ones.

 And for paper, I really love heavy rag paper although it is not ideal for ink... it is really absorbent so it dries nice and matte, and I like the tactile quality. I also like bristol and am trying out some illustration board. But for the most part, I just like to find a nice heavy smooth paper that takes ink well.

For painting, I like Liquitex acrylics because they are vibrant, smooth, and not super opaque. For white and black I buy the bigger tubs of heavy body paint. I also use a lot of mediums to thin out the paint and add gloss. I've also recently fallen in love with acrylic gouache because it is awesomely matte and opaque and not as frustrating to use as regular type gouache.

I also like Liquitex inks!

Hope some curiosity was satisfied.

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  1. Xacto knives are so useful they don't leave nasty edges like scissors. Ugh I'm just drooling everything you have at your disposal. By the way India Ink is also really REALLY great.