May 14, 2011

Photo Shoot with David Denofreo

Last month I did a photo shoot with photographer David Denofreo to model an amazingly badass outfit made by these talented ladies named Karl and Katie.  It's made of recycled leather, chain mail, and various animal bones (found in the forest). Karl is also a hair wizard and sculpted the epic nest on my head.
 It was a crazy couple of days assembling the outfit and doing the shoot all in my tiny loft. Everyone really collaborated on this shoot and the results are awesome, I've never looked so fierce!

come on in here for more photos

I hope you enjoy them!

unicorn love forever,


  1. Love love looooove the last photo!!!! STUNNING!

  2. wow. so i totally stumbled upon your deviant art
    when i was a wee 12 year old. I've pretty much internet stalked you since then. so i guess i'm finally de-lurking to say that you are amazing and amazingly talented and yeah .. creepier than intended.